Now Practicing the Art Of Gravity Colonics…At Gravity East Village NYC!! :)

Well…Where do we begin? A lot has changed since April and I seemed to have gone into blog hibernation after posting so much during the juice feast earlier this year. I guess I just didn’t want to type something out if I’ve really got nothing to say and the past three months have been unbelievably intense in the rate of change and upheaval that happened, I wanted to really be present with every moment of it to learn as much as I could every millisecond of the way. I have kind of gotten used to the pace of the intensity of all the changes taking place and I can now sit down and string coherent sentences together. :))

Loooooooong (very long) story short, I left gorgeous Oregon, and moved myself to New York City. Brooklyn specifically. Now why on earth would I do that? I asked myself this question only a LOT since I’ve landed in the Big Apple and thankfully the answer always came back ringing true to my core: the time had come to expand, grow, and learn even further with some of the best colon therapists in all of NYC. I felt that I had grown as much as I could by myself in Oregon and it was time to dive into the deepest end of the pool to challenge myself beyond my imagination to really see what I’m truly capable of doing. I always felt like if I could work with one of the best colon therapists in NYC, I could go into the art of colon hydrotherapy further than I ever dreamed of. And THAT possibility excited me beyond measure.

But first I had to find a way to be accepted into one of the beautifully run healing spaces (thankgoodnessithappened!!). I’m incredibly grateful, happy, ecstastic, overjoyed, and giddy to announce that I am now officially part of Gravity East Village, one of the most beautiful and warm healing spaces in Lower East Side Manhattan that specializes in the art of bringing out the best in all who walk through its doors. It’s a very special space that offers gravity centered colonics, far infrared saunas, massage therapy, and nutritional consultations. Donna Perrone (owner and president, also one of the most talented colon therapists in NYC) is incredibly amazing, authentic, very supportive, and thorough in wisely managing the team of people that make up Gravity East Village to do everything in their power to make sure every person gets the best experience during their visit. She is beyond a dream to work with and for. Within the first two hours of working with Donna, my trillion something cells that made up my body were spinning with so much joy. All of the therapists I have met so far were genuine and very kind. I always leave, “work”, feeling like three million dollars when all I did was flush out pounds upon pounds of poo from the colons of the amazing clients that walk in. I stroll through the streets of Lower East Village with a silly smile plastered in my heart wondering if this whole thing is really happening. And then I wake up again and again still in NYC. Still continuing to work as a therapist with Donna. Still HERE living my dream. Whew. But I still continue to pinch myself from time to time…This is so good, it’s amazing that it’s true!

If you live in the Big Apple or are just dropping by for a visit, Gravity East Village is truly something to check out. Whether you come for the effective, yet gentle colonic sessions, or sit in the detoxifying warmth of the sauna, or do both for a rejuvenating spa experience, you are in for a treat. I am so honored to be offering gravity colonic sessions at Gravity East Village…Beyond tickled actually!!!🙂🙂🙂 I hope to see you there!

P.S. You can virtually tour the beautiful space here:

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Late Night Eats Don’t Work For This One

For a little under two weeks now, I have been practicing skipping dinners when I don’t have time to really eat in a good, calm stress free space. For each night that I skip the temptingly delicious dinner that is literally at my fingertips and opt for an early night in bed and juice instead, I wake up in the morning just singing, not literally. I would shatter the windows.🙂

  Last night though, was a different story. I REALLY wanted to eat. I fasted Saturday and for some reason, fasting on Sunday wasn’t making me dance. So I decided to eat. And it was late, an 8:30pm dinner which means after all is said and done, I didn’t make it into bed until 12:30am. I woke up in the morning not totally regretting eating the night before. I felt fine, just tired from getting to bed so late and having my body digest a meal while tired. I wasn’t light on my feet that’s for sure. And the day was okay. Just flat really. I decided today that it’s simply not worth eating late at night. The lack of sleep, the staying up too late, the lack of bounce in the morning etc…And I felt that I didn’t want to eat a late dinner ever again. I would have to be in a super emotional space to eat a late dinner again and even then, I know that today’s experience is always going to be talking to me, reminding me how I feel when I eat a late night dinner.

  Anyways, just thought I would update the blog on the most recent happenings with the new fasting and eating pattern I have been experimenting with.🙂


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To Move Forward, First Let Go

These past several days have been nothing short of painfully interesting. Painful in a good way. I’m discovering that I can’t eat the way I used to, very liberally without much physical/mental/emotional draw back. At least none that I could tell. It was only 14 days into eating solid food again that the days were long and a lot of my attention was centered around food. I felt uncomfortable with the way I was eating, rather fast, moving from one bite to another without being present with what I was already chewing on. I seem to leave the table satisfied but not, happy but feeling like something was really amiss. At first I thought, well maybe I am just getting adjusted to eating again and that this will pass. But it never did. 

 One night, after having dinner, I felt so energetically uncomfortable with how I handled my food (without presence, and ate too quickly) that I found myself reflecting on what had been going on. I made a promise to myself that I must work on my view on food and its place in my life. I like eating delicious food just as much as the next person, and I want to make sure that I eat in a way that respects my highest, most self loving goals for me and helps me to continue to grow as a person and heal what needs to be mended.

 For about a week now, I have been practicing eating only when I have time to eat in a relaxed manner, and early enough so I can sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. On the nights that I have no time to eat, I simply juice feast. So this works out to roughly 3 to maybe 4 meals a week with fasting in between as necessary. And as hard as it can be at times, I have regained something so immensely valuable, my energy and natural bliss. I really was kind of losing it at first because I was refusing to pay attention to the changes my body and spirit were calling for: less food, and a more conscious approach when it came time to eat. At times it can be hard to choose fasting over eating. The other night, I got done with the day’s work very late, 9pm. But I soooo wanted to eat!! I stood there in the kitchen and forced myself to really think about it: will I regret fasting through the night? No. Will I regret eating dinner tonight come tomorrow morning? More than likely. I gave a great big sigh and opened up the fridge and took out a jar of juice and proceeded to drink. The next morning I woke up with great energy with my spirit singing, feeling so glad that I had chose to fast. The one lesson that came really quickly, within two days of practicing more conscious eating (which has led to less food being consumed, which has helped me to feel so much more better), I noticed how so much of the pull or the addiction I have to food, is coming from a place of entitlement. I DESERVE my dinner dang it! I worked all day and I deserve to eat. And I realized that this is not a pattern I want to continue. I want to feel total freedom around food, and a sense of entitlement only breeds greed in me when it comes to eating. So this is good. I don’t think I would’ve realized this without this new fasting/eating pattern that I have created for myself to thrive on. I don’t want a life long love affair with food. I want a friendship where I respect the limits of my body, and where eating creates positively vibrant health on all levels.


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Relearning How To Make Progress While Eating :)

It’s always funny when I do a juice feast that time always seems to really  stretch itself to its maximum longest potential. But as soon as I start eating again, I realize that time went by much faster doing a juice feast. Everything happens faster on a juice feast, the healing, the regeneration, the cleansing, the changes in mental/emotional/spiritual etc are lightening fast. And when you start eating again, it all changes. Food comes back into the picture and you have to start thinking again about planning your meals, making sure you don’t eat too late in the evening etc…Whereas on juice, I could swig down a quart of carrot juice right before bed and wake up in the morning feeling energized and wonderful!

But the more I write this out the more I am understanding (although not very enthusiastically) that I can continue to make progress nearly as fast as when I am juice feasting if I start practicing the following: yoga, more meditation, and quiet time to write while reflecting on life’s greatest mysteries. More like MY greatest mysteries and ponderings.🙂 And the reason why I am not too enthusiastic about it is because…well it takes time! Time that I’m rather lazy to carve out. With that said tho, I did take up yoga and some weight training again. This the first time I have felt strong enough, and have enough energy to work out a bit and I surprisingly feel really good afterwards. In the past when I used to hit the gym, I would always resent the amount of time I spent doing it because I always felt that I was doing more for looks than anything else. Now tho, I am doing yoga, biking, and working out because it feels good and I know my body appreciates the movement. So that’s progress in the right direction. Tonight, I’m going to try meditating. I’m already wincing at the thought of it even though I actually enjoy meditation. My mind has a hard time sitting still. Haha!🙂



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Day 9 Post Juice Feast 2014

Yesterday was not so fun as far eating solid food went. I was busy from the minute I woke up to the minute I came home and on top of that, I slept really well just not enough. By the time I came home I was tired, irritable, and dove into my dinner without being very present with it. As a result, I nibbled on raw white chocolate, and kale chips almost till dinner and went to bed unhappy with myself. I vowed to eat more calmly and more mindfully the next day. I rarely ever have days like this anymore since last year’s juice feast and so when I do, it does make me sad but at the same time, it’s an opportunity for me to remind myself why eating in a calm and balanced state is so good for me and it’s worth making sure I eat that way.

  Tonight, I came home happier, more rested, less hurried, and in a positive space. And as a result, I found myself digging into the same dinner I had last night but with more gusto and more free flowing joy. Wow. It made such a difference. I knew when I was done eating, when I had dessert, I enjoyed my white chocolate and was done. Afterwards I happily tidied up the home space and tackled a few projects and am now getting ready for bed. I had my serious doubts about whether or not I can continue on traveling through post juice feasting life with happiness and I am coming to find that it’s taking a lot of conscious CHOICE. I choose to be happy, I choose to be relaxed. I choose to not hurry, to take my time, to know that it will be fine. On the juice feast it was very easy to feel happy especially through the last 20 days. And I was always choosing things that made me happy, drinking juices, doing my colonics as needed, sleeping the best I have ever slept in my life…Now that I am into the world of eating again, the choices are the same, making choices to be happy, the choices I can make simply wear different, “clothing”. I am most determined to keep and nourish my happy state all the time as much as possible. It seems like right now, I am learning how to do that on the grounds of eating. Every juice feast is so different, the only thing predictable during and after a juice feast is that there will be some measure of progress, and I will feel amazing for it. And then the big things like learning how to eat in a different, more sensitized body, changes all the time.

  Even though yesterday was rough, I am grateful for it. I am learning so much about how present and happy I actually really love to be.🙂


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DAy 8 Post Juice Feast 2014

I really wanted to post yesterday but something ended up happening with WordPress, I think it was down for maintenance. So here we are on Day 8 post juice feast and things are still soooo wonderful. I’ve been eating homemade vegan raw kimchi, avocados, and nori nonstop since day 5 and there is no sign of letting up. It’s just too delicious!!! I’m sure eventually I will move onto something else but for now, kimchi and avocados is where its at!

 Food wise, everything continues to sit swimmingly well. I did learn a very important lesson yesterday tho. For the past several days, I have had time to just relax and do my own thing, and dinner was always eaten in such a relaxed and easy setting because I got to do things at my own pace. The night before, we came home late for dinner, and as a result I was ravenous for food but at the same time still had a lot of other things that needed to be done once our feet walked through the front door. Dinner was then eaten in a bit of frenzied state which I DID NOT enjoy. My taste buds were even dulled. Not enjoyable. So the next night I made a purposeful decision to not eat like that and dinner was oh so much better.

 There has been nothing but sheer joy in breaking the fast and in eating. I haven’t had any thoughts like, “I wish I was still fasting”, or, “I really miss the lightness that fasting affords me”…Nothing like that. I think that being on solid food definitely makes me a little less sensitive to my process but the lessons are just as real and require a little bit more effort from me to consciously tune into my intuition and what I currently need. Yay for doing 90 days of juice feasting, and yay to being back to food. It’s a win-win in my opinion.🙂


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Day 5 Of Feast Breaking 2014…Avocado Time!!

I had another fantastic day today! I woke up sore in a good way from working out at the gym yesterday so I did some yoga in the evening before dinner to loosen up a bit. I had my first avocado in three months for dinner with kimchi and nori wraps and dinner was sooooo amazing!! I also had my first taste of romaine lettuce leaves and those were sooo good too! I remember so many days on the juice feast washing and spinning bundle after bundle of organic romaine and just wanting to chomp on a leaf! The avocados were just as amazing as I remember them to me. I was only able to eat one small medium sized avocado before I got the signal that enough was enough. I was sad to receive the signal so early so I DID sneak in a few more bites, ate one raw organic delicious olive, and called it good.

  One of my friends asked me if I would do another long fast and I said to her that I honestly didn’t know. I could see myself doing another one just to help clear my energy and bring back focus and clarity if I felt like was losing it. So for some people fasting isn’t as life changing and dramatic but for me, the mental/emotional/spiritual/physical gains I get from fasting are so powerful that it makes it worth to skip eating solid meals for three months. Three months is a long time to go without eating for sure though! I think that the next time I fast, I will use intuition more. Certainly though, for all the fasts that I have done in the past, 90 days was always just perfect. Always. And this fast was no different. Maybe there is a magic to 90?

  Now that I am back to eating salads and I have reached day five, probably the most heavily anticipated day during the initial six day breaking period (avocado time!), I look back and I realize that it was kind of a bumpy ride emotionally and mentally getting back into food. The sadness, the doubt about sustaining lightness and happiness while eating etc…So I am glad to have reached this point where it feels much smoother and I’m getting more acquainted with food. I drank juice throughout the whole day today, and did what felt good and didn’t eat till after yoga this evening. I did get a pretty severe sweet tooth come 11pm which normally, I would NOT eat at that time because it’s not optimal to eat that time but I did. I trusted my body over abiding the clock, and I blended some fabulous organic young coconut meat with a bit of maple syrup and raw vanilla bean powder…It totally hit the spot. It tasted like the most tastiest donut filling.🙂 It was such a great day and everything has been so wonderful. Thank you to all who have followed me this far, honestly you are the reason why I keep writing.


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