Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy

What is a gravity centered colonic?
A gravity centered colonic is a safe and effective method of removing toxic waste from the colon by using body temperature water that is drawn into the body with gravity.

Do colonics hurt?

A properly administered colonic shouldn’t hurt however some discomfort may be present at certain times during the session due to the colon muscle tissues being tense, if there is a lot of gas pressure, and/or if the stool is very dehydrated. The person may also feel cramping in the colon as the waste leaves. Once the waste has left, you tend to feel rather wonderful and lighter!

Are colonics sanitary?
Yes. All of the equipment is cleaned manually and then placed in a bath of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, before being placed in a autoclave that uses heat to sterilize the equipment thoroughly. Gravity centered colonics are a closed system, meaning that the waste doesn’t touch the therapist or the person recieving treatment.

Will I become dependent on colonics?
No, you will actually find that your bowels will get stronger after engaging in a series of colonics and eventually upgrading the diet. The diet is key here, clean bowels also need clean, properly combined foods to nourish it back into a state of better health. Gravity centered colonics encourage the muscles in the colon to become stronger by stimulating the natural peristalsis (the rythmic motion of the colon when it’s ready to evacuate).

What are the differences between gravity centered colonics and colonics that use hydraulic pressure?
In a gravity centered colonic, we use gravity to draw the water into the body and use massage to help the colon release the waste. There is always a continuous in flow of clean water and a continous out flow of waste water. In this way, there is no waste retention and also allows the colon’s persitalsis to move on its own. This method of cleansing the colon without machine intervention makes gravity centered colon therapy really quite safe, and very gentle because the body will only take on as much water as it needs.

In a pressurized system the water is being pumped into the colon, the machine easily takes over the colon’s function of eliminating waste matter. Since the water flows in to the colon at a stronger pace than if the water was to enter the body through the force of gravity, it can stretch the colon, and possibly push the waste further back up into the tissues. This is not what we want to happen at all, we want the waste to leave not get pushed back! In the pressurized system the water doesn’t flow into and out of the body simultaneously. The colon therapist must fill the colon to full capacity then release the waste tubing to allow the waste water to flow out of the colon. This is more what an enema looks like, you allow water to flow into the body and you fill to maximum capacity before releasing on the toilet. Gravity centered colonics work in tandem with your body and what it’s ready to release during the session, it doesn’t force results.

How often is it safe to have colonics?
As often as the body allows. When you are juice fasting/feasting, you can have 4-7 treatments a week. Otherwise, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonally works. We all have different needs.

When should I not have colonics?
You should not have a colonic after eating heavy meals, or drinking alcohol – it places undue stress on the body. If you are water fasting it is not advisable to do colonics as nothing is going into the body that floods it with vital nutrition. If you are pregnant and never have had a colonic before. If you’ve had any surgery in the belly area, it is best to wait till all symptoms of pain have disappeared before doing a colonic.

Is it embarrassing?
Your modesty is always protected at all possible times.

What should I do afterwards?
Whatever you love. Except consuming fried foods, alcohol, white flour, meat, and cheese. Try to keep your meals properly combined and enjoy vegetables, fruits, quinoa, millet, whole grains, and fresh juices.

How big is my colon?

The average colon is 5-6 ft – about the same as your height. The ideal width diameter is 2.5 inches. Many colons are not in good shape, they have bulges, pockets, constrictions & can be stretched.

What is the point in getting a colonic?
It removes putrefying waste which will/may/probably be reabsorbed into your blood stream if it doesn’t come out. Just because you don’t feel this happening, doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you, you have become used to the symptoms of ‘normality’.

I eat really well & poop every day. Do I still need one?

Do you eat 3 meals a day & poop after each meal? Do you breathe polluted air, air conditioned air, experience stress, eat sub-optimally, enjoy air travel, drink anything other than water? If your answer is yes, then yes. Our lifestyles are highly constipating on the digestive tract.

How can I tell when and if I need one?

If you have headaches, fatigue, cloudy mind, acne, gas, constipation, PMS, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, backache, spots, furry tongue, bad breath, smelly armpits, bulging waistline, below your ideal weight, then you need one.

How can I expect to look afterwards?

You may feel & look different, experiencing improved eyesight, clearer head, less puffy, & a flatter tummy. Or none of the above. The colonic is always constant – the body changes. The better you prepare for the colonic dietetically, the deeper the experience because you have given the body a break from heavy consumption.

3 Responses to Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy

  1. David says:

    I just had a Gravity Colonic, and I feel great! My stomach is very flat right now

  2. Trina says:

    I am on day 17 of my juice feast and experiencing severe eczema around my eyes. How often should I colonic during a juice feast? Must I supplement with an enema as well? I currently colonic 1x per week and enema one to 2 times per week in addition to colonic.

    • Wellah says:

      Hi Trina!

      Congrats on your juice feast AND on doing colonics during your cleanse. Best way to do it in my opinion. ;) So it sounds like you need more colon cleansing. I would enemas twice a day and if you can do an extra colonic (or more!) I would go for it. I would also consider throwing in a avocado here and there that way your body doesn’t cleanse too rapidly if you wont be able to ramp up your colon cleansing. Hope this helps! And great work!! :)

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